This Week In Review

Aug. 18, 2018

Reviews are here, along with some other changes.

One of the most requested features I have had since day one has been the ability to write reviews for releases. I had put this one on hold for a bit while I collected ideas and feedback from you. But now it’s live!

Right now it’s fairly simple. At the bottom of the release card, you will see a star and a speech bubble (review), each with a number beside it. If the icon is solid, you’ve already starred or reviewed that release. When you click this icons, you will be taken to the release page where you can star, review or create a playlist of the release.

You’ll also now be able to see who else starred or reviewed the release. This should help you find some users to follow so you can get better music recommendations on your Circle page!

If you run into bugs (new features or old), make sure to head over to the support page.

Here are some upcoming features for the review system:

  • Editing your review
  • Upvoting system for reviews
  • Reviews showing on a user’s profile
  • Better algorithm on the Circle page that includes amount of reviews on a release

You can recommend or vote on features on the feedback page.

Here are some other changes this week:

  • Moved the star and create playlist buttons from release cards to the Release page.
  • Fixed a major bug that was causing some releases to not show until a day later.

You can see more details on new changes as they happen on the changelog page.

Thanks for being awesome.

- Harley